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The Board

We set out to achieve high standards of governance, accountability and probity to ensure the business is effectively run. We maintain rigorous internal control systems to support and underpin the governance arrangements.

We sign up to the National Housing Federations code “Excellence in Governance”, we conduct annual appraisals of our Board members and have robust selection and appointment processes to ensure we have a “fit for purpose” Board.

The Boards comprise of people who are committed to the communities we serve and members have a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to draw on. They maintain their knowledge base and keep up to date by attending regular training and development events.

In April 2011 we introduced an overlapping Board Structure for the Group. This means we have 12 Board members, of which eight are on all three Boards (North Star, Endeavour, Teesdale), with two Parent & Subsidiary independent members. This “one” structure approach enables us to hold all three meetings simultaneously but maintains some separateness to protect the individual entities. This is a fairly new way of operating Governance within a Group structure and has many of the benefits of an amalgamation.

We have an Audit Committee of seven members of which two are independent (not on the main Board).

The Tenants Voice is a newly developed group of Tenants whose main focus it to scrutinise the activity of the Board and Associations. This Group is part of the formal Governance structure with a wide representation of tenants from both subsidiaries.

For information on current board vacancies, check our Career Opportunities website, www.morethanalandlord.co.uk.

The New Structure

Overlapping Board Structure

Meet Our Board Members

  • Jed Lester - Chair - Jed is a senior partner and director at Baines Jewitt Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.
  • Morgan McClintock - Deputy Chair - Morgan is the former University Secretary at Teesside University, now retired.
  • Pat Buckley - Pat is a former Head of Policy at Stockton Borough Council, now retired
  • Adrian Hill - Adrian is an Endeavour resident and North Star Link member and member of Skinningrove Link-up
  • Linda Bird - Linda is a former Human Resource Development Manager at Sunderland University, now retired
  • Andrew Marshall - Chair of Group Audit Committee - Andrew is the founder of Andrew Marshall Residential Properties and a qualified management accountant
  • Paul Craggs - Paul is a former Commercial Manager for Shepherd Construction, he is now a Construction Consultant and owner of a property letting company in Darlington
  • Peter Waugh - Peter is a former Director of Huntsman Pigments. He now works as a Consultant in the global chemical industry and as an Industrial Tutor at Durham University
  • Neil Bouch - Neil is the Director of Customers and Communities with the Gateshead Housing Company and a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing

Non confidential Board papers can be made available on request - we are please to share this information. Telephone Katy Hocking on 01642 796340, or email katy.hocking@northstarhg.co.uk.

Board members can be contacted via the main office number as above.

Additional information on our Board Members is available in our Annual Governance Report.

Board Member Payments

North Star Housing Group has three Boards:

  1. the North Star Board
  2. the Endeavour Board
  3. the Teesdale Board

The Group operates an overlapping Board structure, with the majority of Board members acting on behalf of all three members of the Group.

The remuneration of Board members for their work on behalf of the Group in 2014/15 is:

Chair - £8,160
Deputy Chair - £4,845
GAC Chair- £4,080
Board Member - £3,264