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Equality and Diversity

Model of the Earth with a paperchain ring of people of different colours surrounding it Endeavour provides services to a wide range of people, and as such our aim is to be responsive to the needs of all of these communities and the individuals that we serve.  Equality and diversity are therefore integral to all of our activities in every aspect of the work that we do.  We feel that we have a duty to respond to the wide social diversity within the communities in which we work, and make sure that we reflect this in our policies and procedures and, in practice, through the day to day delivery of our services.

The provision of excellent service where everyone’s quality of life is considered is of paramount importance to Endeavour. We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and their differences valued.

Certainly, the business case for promoting equality and diversity is overwhelming.  Discrimination, however it occurs, is damaging to the relationship between Endeavour and its customers, staff, partners and other stakeholders.  The promotion and awareness of equality and diversity issues allows us to improve access to our services which, in turn, increases levels of customer and staff satisfaction.

Our Equality and Diversity Strategy that was drawn up with the involvement of customers, staff, Board members and partners reflects our values and provides a robust framework through which we work to fulfil our obligations.  It demonstrates our commitment to quashing discrimination, providing solid opportunities for our customers, staff and Board members, and ensuring that no one feels excluded or disadvantaged.

Strategy and Statements

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