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Investing in your Home

Every year Endeavour invests around £1.9 million on repairs and maintenance to residents homes.

In addition to the normal responsive repairs we also carry out a lot of work through our Planned and Cyclical maintenance programs. Planned maintenance includes major repair work such as window renewals, electrical rewiring, heating upgrades, kitchen and bathroom replacements. These are generally pre planned works that are carried out in larger contracts providing better value for money than responsive repairs. Cyclical maintenance is work that we undertake in specific time cycles such as annual gas servicing or external painting every five years.

Our Planned and Cyclical Maintenance Programs aims to:

  • Create up to date , attractive homes and communities that residents can be proud to live in
  • Reduce the number of empty properties by creating homes that attract new customers and retain existing ones, helping us run an efficient and effective business
  • Help residents be energy efficient by improving insulation and upgrading heating systems and controls
  • Reduce the need for responsive repairs and callouts, saving money and inconvenience for tenants
  • Assist tenants with aids and adaptations to their homes, by funding level access showers, handrails, stairlifts etc.
  • Invest in excess of £3 million over the next five years on planned maintenance. Below is the five year programme outlining the main areas of expenditure
  • Ensure our properties continue to meet or exceed the Decent Homes Standard
Areas of Expenditure
  2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13
Kitchen 35 35 35 35 37
Bathroom 42 42 42 42 42
Windows 29 32 32 20 -
Roof 5 5 5 5 5
Elect test 240 160 160 160 160
Heating 75 75 75 75 75
Doors 27 27 27 27 27

The planned maintenance programme is delivered by the maintenance department and if you require any specific information relating to your property our Asset management Co-ordinator will be please to discuss with you on 01642 796 202.

The overall programme is planned and prioritised using information from our property data base, stock condition survey, inspections and customer feedback. Tenants can contribute to the direction of the programme through the tenants Assessment Panel, Repairs Focus group and other forums.

The last independent stock condition survey in 2005 and confirmed that 'the housing stock is generally well maintained and in reasonably good condition. Very positive feedback was received from the residents concerning the condition of their homes and the environment in which they live. Endeavour Housing Association appears to be well placed to meet the Decent Homes Standard compliance by 2010'.


Consultation with residents plays a vital role in our investment work. We consider each of the individual tenants needs and preferences where possible on any planned maintenance work. For example tenants can currently choose from five different styles of kitchen units as well as choices for worktops, tiling and flooring. Tenants also have the option to upgrade their kitchen using the ‘Buy in Scheme’ where by there is an opportunity to purchase extras, such as an oven and hob. Further details are available from the Asset Management Co-ordinator John Findlay.

We are looking to further improve the level of choices available in the kitchen and bathroom programmes.

Focus Group

This focus group has been established to improve customer consultation on the repairs and maintenance service and to influence on which products we use for the planned maintenance programme.

The group has been involved with the introduction of the tenants ’Buy in Scheme’ and deciding on which bathroom suites we now use.

We feel that it is important that tenants views are fully represented, and if you are interested in becoming involved in the Repairs Focus group, please contact Tracey Fraser our Resident Involvement officer on 01642 796 233.


At the completion of each contract we will ask for your views on how we have performed and how satisfied you are with the work carried out on planned maintenance and we value your comments and feedback.

If you have any issues during or after completion of the works to your home please contact the maintenance department and we will aim to resolve what you are unhappy or dissatisfied with.