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Performance Information

Pie ChartWe aim to deliver excellent, timely, cost effective and relevant services. We have reviewed our approach to performance management and developed a formalised and challenging framework which ensures that the systems in place deliver the outcomes required.

Performance management is an essential element in the success of an efficient and effective organisation. Put simply, it brings to life our culture, values and systems put in place to help the organisation manage and improve its performance.

Our Corporate Plan is at the heart of what we do and is developed to ensure we meet the aims and objectives detailed within our Business Plan. Our approach to managing and improving performance reflects our Corporate Vision and Values of: flexibility, collaboration, integrity, professionalism and ambition and depends on the active involvement of our Tenants, Board Members, Senior Managers and all Teams. Delivering excellent services within a performance focussed organisation is everyone’s responsibility.

Our performance management framework consists of key performance indicators to measure improvements in service delivery. These are reviewed annually after consultation with key stakeholders. The targets set are challenging with improvements being required year on year. Progress is monitored on a monthly basis, measuring current and projected performance against targets and top quartile performance for other housing providers. We aim to continue to achieve upper quartile performance in all service areas.

A cross functional team has been established to lead on Performance Monitoring and Service Improvement. Each service area has conducted a gap analysis and developed service improvement plans to enable us to focus on where we need to improve. The implementation of these plans are delivered through our staff team and progress is monitored during 1-1s and review meetings

Our approach includes:

  • Monthly Performance Clinics
  • Scrutiny by the Board
  • Staff Involvement
  • External Challenge and benchmarking
  • Involving Customers
  • Equality and Diversity performance
  • Publicising outcomes
  • Performance Reporting

How are we Doing?

Endeavour Housing Association is a customer focused organisation that is committed to continuous improvement in the services it provides.

One of the ways that we do this is by using performance indicators which cover key service areas and help us to measure and then monitor how we are performing. These performance indicators also show how we are performing against the standards of services we have promised in our Local Offers. We also compare our performance to that of similar organisations to ourselves so we can identify areas for improvement and learn from others.

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