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Endeavour has a genuine commitment to involving tenants in all that we do. In supported housing we are committed to offering a wide range of ways for our service users to get involved in order to meet everyone’s needs. We welcome and value the views of all of our service users as we believe that is this the only way to develop excellent services that meet their needs.

In 2008 we have offered our service users a range of opportunities to become involved in the ongoing reviews of all of our practices and to feed in their opinions of our services. These opportunities include:

  • A survey carried out by support workers to ask opinions on our tenant’s handbook and what our service users would like to see in the new handbook being developed.
  • Small focus groups held in a number of locations to ask tenant views on what our minimum standards should be and to consider the introduction of a contract for support for all of our service users.
  • Surveys sent to all supported housing tenants to ask their opinions of their housing and support.
  • A feedback questionnaire included in our supported housing newsletter.
  • We supported a number of our tenants and service users to attend the tenant’s conference held at the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough.
  • We have started up new local service user groups in Redcar and Hartlepool.

In addition to this we have also introduced our own supported housing newsletter which is largely made up of contributions from our service users and put together by a panel of service users. You can download newsletters from our newletters page.

We report into Endeavour’s Tenant Advisory Panel, who provide us with invaluable advice and has been joined this year by a new tenant member from supported housing.  We also report into the 4U group who promote the rights of people in receipt of support services.

If you are in receipt of our supported housing services and would like to learn more about how to get involved or have ideas of other ways of involving our service users we would like to hear from you. You can speak to your support worker or you can email us at yourviews@endeavourha.co.uk

Supported Housing Tenants Survey 2008

In November 2008 we sent out a survey to all of our tenants in supported housing. The survey asked people what they thought of where they lived and of the support they received. The answers we get help us to see what we need to do to improve our services in the future. Support workers helped tenants to complete the forms if they needed it.

We had 126 forms returned and we have produced a report which summarises the answers that we received. Overall we were very pleased to see that our tenants seem happy with our service. Each service is now looking at the forms more closely and putting together an action plan to respond to any comments that have been made. When we have done this we will report to tenants on what we have done through the supported housing newsletter and through this website.

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