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Supported Housing Services

Our Pledge

Within Supported Housing we will work in partnership with our service users, the wider community and other agencies to improve lives by:

  • Delivering innovative, excellent, flexible services
  • Improving standards of service
  • Going that extra mile
  • Raising aspirations
  • Preventing homelessness
  • Putting our service users at the centre of everything we do, supporting, empowering them and promoting their independence.
  • Increasing life and health chances through the provision of housing, education and training

What is Support?

We offer a range of supported housing and also floating support services for people not living in Endeavour tenancies. This is a brief introduction to support, to explain what support is and what our tenants and service users can expect from the service.

Support. This covers a range of things that our workers can help with from preparing a budget or completing a form to cooking a healthy meal or finding college courses to suit. Our workers will not do these things for you but will help and support you to do these things for yourself.

Support Workers. Every tenant or service user will have a named support worker. The support worker is there to provide a range of support to help service users to achieve the goals that they have identified in their support plan.

Support Plans. Every service-user has a support plan. This is a written plan which is made by the service user with their support worker’s help. The plan will identify what goals the service user wishes to achieve and will show what actions the service user and the support worker need to take to work towards those goals. Every service user is entitled to a copy of their plan.

Reviews. Plans change all the time and so support plans need to be reviewed regularly. Support workers will l review plans with service users when things change or otherwise at a time agreed.

Key working sessions/visits. The support worker will meet with the service user on a regular basis. The frequency will be agreed with each individual – it could be 3 times a week or it could be once a fortnight, this depends on the service and the individual need of the service-user.

Standards. We have prepared a minimum set of standards for support which includes things like; how often should support plans be reviewed? Or how often should support meetings take place? We have consulted with our service users on this through a series of focus groups, if you are receiving support from one of our services and would like to be involved please speak to your support worker. More information is available on our Supported Housing Standards page.

Our Services

We currently have around 430 units of supported housing and are working across thirteen Local Authority Areas. All of our services focus on supporting people to live as independently as they are able to. We work with a number of specialist agencies who manage some of our services on our behalf. Our Managing Agents are selected because they share our values and commitment to delivering excellent services.

We currently deliver services to the following groups of people:

  • People who have physical disabilities
  • Women with complex needs in Hartlepool and Middlesbrough
  • Young people
  • People who are experiencing homelessness
  • People recovering from substance misuse
  • People with enduring mental health needs
  • People who have a learning disability
  • Women and children experiencing domestic violence

We also deliver a range of services to older people including Extra Care. For further information see Housing for Older People pages.

Services Fully Managed List

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How we deliver our Services

We deliver accommodation based services and floating support services that are flexible and tailored to meet individual need. Our approach meets clearly defined needs identified through partnership and delivered through a person centred approach. We develop clear aims and objectives which can be easily measured. We sustain people and help them to grow.

Our services are holistic, flexible and dynamic, not set in tablets of stone. Our service users have very different needs and need support in many different areas, whether education, health, social skills, living skills, developing relationships. This all helps them live a more fulfilled and happy life. Peoples needs don’t start at 9.00 am and finish at 5 p.m Monday to Friday and our services reflect this.

We have a wealth of experience around helping people achieve and move on to a healthier more positive and fulfilling life.

Development of New Services

We involve service users in the design and delivery of services. This approach has helped us develop a wealth of experience around what works and what doesn’t. Service users are not homogenous groups and their needs differ in relation to consultation and involvement and we recognise this.

We use a variety of methods to enhance opportunities for involvement and also involve family members and others. Our service users and their families are involved in the evaluation of our services and asked their opinions on what has worked and outcomes. We use this information to help shape future service development.

Our current and future developments are detailed on our Development Page.

How to Access our Services

Download all the relevant information on how to access our Supported Housing services.

  • Holyrood Middlesbrough (leaflet coming soon)
  • Sycamore Way, Stockton (leaflet coming soon)
  • Hartlepool Complex Needs Floating Support (leaflet coming soon)
  • Redcar Temporary Accommodation Service (leaflet coming soon)
  • Hestia Middlesbrough (leaflet with updated phone number coming soon)
  • Rainham Close, Middlesbrough (leaflet coming soon)

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